Train Your Cat To Use A Cat Scratcher

Opposite to widespread opinion, cats may be educated. Sure, they’re unbiased animals however, like several animal, utilizing a system of rewards can get them shifting in the precise course.

For instance, your cat likes to scratch. Within the out of doors world, he would possibly discover a good tree and scratch up the bark. Within the indoor world, left to his personal gadgets, he would possibly select to make use of your desk leg or curtain. You’ll be able to change this conduct indoors with the precise tools and delicate encouragement (i.e. coaching, however do not inform your cat).

First, buy a cat scratcher or two. In case your cat has already began scratching in sure areas or locations in your home, you’ll need to retrain her. So you will both want a cat scratcher for every space or be keen to maneuver it round. Your aim is to position the scratcher within the space she was accustomed to scratching and get her utilizing the put up or tools you present as a substitute of your furnishings. In case your cat has not scratched something, it’s a good suggestion to place the scratcher in a spot she likes to sleep or play.

One of the best scratcher to get is one that provides a tough, pure floor. Many cat scratchers characteristic sisal, burlap or cedar materials. These are pure surfaces that may give off a scent engaging to your cat when he scratches it.

Together with your cat close by, run your fingernails throughout the tough floor of the scratcher. The noise and motion will get her consideration. When you’ve got bother stirring up her curiosity, you may attempt sprinkling catnip on or across the scratcher.

Remember to reward your cat with reward (and a deal with if you want) when she makes use of the┬ácat scratcher. And, if needed, chances are you’ll have to discourage a return to your furnishings with a squirt of a water bottle.


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