Horse Racing Handicapping Tips to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

There are lots of individuals making an attempt to make cash betting on horses who’re making issues troublesome for themselves. Horse racing handicapping is troublesome sufficient with out having the chances towards you. A easy understanding of the chances, chance, and statistics of horseracing and betting will show what I imply.

Let’s take the best wager and see how one can have a greater likelihood of choosing extra winners. After all I’m speaking about straight win bets. The dimensions of the sector is one thing lots of people do not consider when handicapping a race, however you actually ought to. Merely put, the extra best online horse betting the extra your possibilities of dropping and the extra time it takes to handicap a race to see if there’s even a playable horse within the race.

This has two components that you could have in mind. To start with, let’s begin with the time it takes you to handicap a race and the variety of races you’ll be able to handicap in a day with out burning out. In the event you can handicap for 5 hours a day and it takes you 20 minutes to handicap a ten horse race that’s 2 minutes per horse that you simply handicap in the midst of a day. You’ll be able to handicap 15 races with ten horses in every race or

By solely handicapping races with 8 horses, as an alternative of the ten horse races, you eradicate two horses per race and may now handicap 18 races in the identical period of time. That’s three extra probabilities to discover a good wager. But it surely will get even higher as a result of in a ten horse race, all issues being equal, you’ve got a one in ten, or 10% likelihood of successful, however in an 8 horse subject you’ve got a one in eight or 12 1/2% likelihood. It does not imply that your likelihood is 2 1/2% higher. It really implies that your likelihood is 25% higher.

So by solely enjoying races with 8 horses or much less, you’ll be able to handicap 20% extra races in the identical period of time and improve your possibilities of successful by 25%. In horse racing handicapping, as in any cash making enterprise, time is cash and the way you finances your time and the extent of issue you select, may have a direct impression on how a lot cash you make.

Take into consideration this the following time you might be planning your day and selecting the races you’ll play.

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