Flower Tattoo – Ideas and Meanings

Folks usually get a flower tattoo inked to show their emotions in a significant method. Each flower has its personal symbolic which means and there’s a entire lot of selection you possibly can select from. Flower tattoos are extra female in nature. Nevertheless, each women and men can get them executed, however it’s normally extra widespread amongst girls to get stunning flower designs tattooed on their physique. Symbolism has acquired no boundaries within the case of flower tattoos. Most flowers are symbolized on the premise of their selection, with some colours representing optimistic and a few unfavourable emotions. The which means related to a flower tattoo can differ, relying on its shade. Subsequently, you will need to analysis fastidiously the sort of flower you select to your tattoo design, as it would take a everlasting place in your physique.

Flower tattoo designs

There might be numerous design combos that may be executed utilizing a flower. Typically, you might discover individuals getting solely the petals executed of their tattoos, whereas others could go for the stem half too. Flowers can be mixed with different symbols, corresponding to butterflies, vines, ladybugs, buzzing birds, and so forth. Some designs might be part of a pure panorama. You might get your flower tattoo executed in a means that it contains both a gaggle of the identical flowers or incorporates completely different flowers. Additionally, your flower tattoo could also be a small design reflecting delicacy, or a giant and daring design. General, the flower tattoo comes with countless inventive choices.

Meanings of flower tattoos

Flowers have diversified meanings hooked up to them. A few of these flowers are extra widespread in tattoo designs than others. Allow us to see what every of those generally used flowers symbolizes.


  • Rose: It’s the mostly used and the oldest flower on this planet of tattooing. First grown in historical Persia, the rose has been there for 1000’s of years. It’s identified for the countless magnificence and find it irresistible represents. Nevertheless, primarily based on its shade, the rose additionally carries completely different meanings. Whereas a pink rose reveals real love, a pink rose displays magnificence and style. A coral rose displays wishes, and a peach rose shows friendship. A yellow rose is used as a logo of friendship and devotion, whereas an orange rose reveals fascination and pleasure. The purple rose usually displays love at first sight. The blue rose is a logo of fascination and impossibility. At one excessive, a white rose symbolizes innocence and purity, however on the opposite excessive, a black rose is symbolic of demise.
  • Lotus: Because it grows in mud, the lotus flower symbolizes the rise by way of wrestle and hardship. It additionally represents energy and sweetness. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it’s thought-about to be a logo of the awakening of the religious actuality of life.
  • Lily: An emblem of partnership, the lily normally represents a long-lasting relationship. Additionally it is symbolic of moms.
  • Tulip: It represents adjustment and alternative, and in addition signifies achievement and aspiration.
  • Sunflower: The sunflower may be very widespread as a tattoo design because it symbolizes wealth and good luck.


You might think about using different flowers by discussing your wants with a tattoo designer. These are all representatives of various meanings and might be depicted within the fashion of your selection.

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