Vinyl Tapes Are Versatile, Tailored to Many Purposes

A vinyl tape can are available in many varieties – packaging tape, barrier tape, chart and map tapes, color-coding tapes, conspicuous reflective tapes, ornamental tapes, electrical tapes, and so forth.

We take a look at a few of these functions and tape traits in a bit of extra element beneath.

Sealing and Packaging Tape: These are used to package deal cartons and parcels, are often self-adhesive, and are available clear or in several colours. Vinyl tapes are glorious for printing, and they are often printed with dealing with directions or promotional messages.

Barrier Tape: Used to mark off restricted areas akin to police investigation scenes, barricade tapes are wider, non-adhesive and are available in extremely seen colours and patterns.

Chart & Map Tapes: These adhesive vinyl tapes can be utilized on totally different surfaces to create charts, graphs, and many others.

Coloration Coding Tapes: Coloured plain vinyl tapes can be utilized for identificatory marking, on glassware and instruments, on manufacturing unit flooring, and so forth.

Reflective Tapes: Reflective tapes are used to make issues conspicuous, akin to automobiles parked in darkish environment, for big vans and trailers and different areas.

Ornamental Tapes: These assist add glitter to occasion venues. There are mirror tapes, glitter tapes, prismatic tapes, holographic tapes and such.

Electrical Tapes: Thicker than normal, these insulation tapes come in several colours, and defend you from electrical shocks.

Camouflage Tapes: The place you wish to merge into your environment, and keep away from attracting undesirable consideration from hunted animals or wildlife and such, easily-removed camouflage tapes in several patterns can turn out to be useful. Whereas camouflage tapes won’t be vinyl tapes, some are coated with that materials for particular results.

Flagging Tapes: Flagging tapes can be utilized for surveying, path marking, search & rescue operations, forestry and environmental research, for instance.

Gaffer Tape: Made from vinyl impregnated fabric, the thick gaffer tape has excessive adhesion properties and is used to safe wires, cables and props at conventions, movie shoots, and many others.

Marking Tapes: Coloured and striped marking tapes are used to mark out plant and warehouse flooring, and for different functions. These tapes are extremely proof against warmth and different degrading brokers.

Hazard Tapes: One other sort of tape that has functions in crops and warehouses, these tapes are used to warn of bodily hazards and to mark out areas by capabilities.


Vinyl is used for and in lots of sorts of tapes for numerous functions. These tapes come in several colours, widths, patterns, thickness and different properties to satisfy the differing necessities of the functions. Vinyl tape is straightforward to print upon and is good as packaging tape, barrier tape and different functions the place data must be printed on the tape itself. The printing facility can be used for promotional functions.

Then there are tapes which can be extremely reflective at midnight, or add glitter to occasions, function camouflage or insulate electrical contacts.

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